If you write JavaScript today, it’s worth your time staying in the know of all the updates the language has seen in the past few years. Since 2015, with the release of ES6, a new version of the ECMAScript spec has been released each year. Each iteration adds new features, new syntax, and Quality of Life improvements to the language. JavaScript engines in most browsers and Node.js quickly catch up, and it’s only fair that your code should catch up as well. …

As developers, we are all too familiar with code reviews. Having another pair of eyes take a look at our code can be wonderful; it shows us so many aspects of our code we would not have noticed otherwise. A code review can be informative, and it can be educational. I can confidently attribute most of what I know about good programming practices to code reviews.

The amount of learning a reviewee takes away from a code review depends on how well the review is performed. …

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Code review is a technique that can improve the quality of a codebase by having multiple developers look for bugs and other problems before passing them on to others. Manual code reviews are costly and time-consuming, which is why many development teams use automated tools to do this work.

Automated code review tools can help you automate the process, improve your code quality, and save valuable developer time. Developers want to focus on building their applications instead of reviewing other people’s code. Automated code review tools have been around for a while, but they’ve been evolving and getting better. …

“What’s the biggest set of items in terms of tech debt. I can attack it, scope it into the code quality sprints and then start incrementally evolving” — Badri elaborated.

In Good Code Podcast, we talk to experienced developers and technical leaders about the art and science of writing good code and building software. In episode 5, we talk to Badri Rajasekar, who has spent almost 20 years building software and is currently the founder and CEO of Jamm — a rapidly growing video collaboration app.

The Microsoft executive who alarmed everyone with a baseball bat

While speaking about code quality and code review processes, Badri shared an incident from…

Bug-risks are issues in code that can cause errors and breakages in production. A bug is a flaw in the code that produces undesired or incorrect results. Code often has bug-risks due to poor coding practices, lack of version control, miscommunication of requirements, unrealistic time schedules for development, and buggy third-party tools. In this post, let’s take a look at a few commonly seen bug-risks in Go.

1. Infinite recursive call

A function that calls itself recursively needs to have an exit condition. Otherwise, it will recurse forever until the system runs out of memory.

This issue can be caused by common mistakes such…

Right off the bat, let’s clarify an important distinction. Writing code that works and writing good code are two very different things. The former is a skill while the latter is an art form, and this difference distinguishes great programmers from the crowd.

When we talk of good code, the word ‘good’ is vague by design. That’s because there are no rules set in stone about what makes code good or bad. All we have are some abstract guidelines such as readability:

Programs are meant to be read by humans and only incidentally for computers to execute.

— Abelson &…

A guide to writing stable and secure Python applications.

Python is undoubtedly a popular language. It consistently ranks among the most popular and most loved languages year after year. That’s not hard to explain, considering how fluent and expressive it is. Its pseudocode-like syntax makes it extremely easy for beginners to pick it up as their first language, while its vast library of packages (including the likes of giants like Django and TensorFlow) ensure that it scales up for any task required of it.

Being such a widely-used language makes Python a very attractive target for malicious hackers. …

Python’s dominance is never really questioned when it comes to the best for programming novices because it checks almost every box that defines a simple language. It’s remarkably easy to pick up and can rise to any challenge. But what about Ruby?

Although it does not get enough credit for being one, Ruby is an awesome language for beginners. It provides powerful constructs (like blocks) and versatile concepts (like message passing à la Smalltalk) but retains Python’s fluid and elegant English-like syntax. In fact, in many cases, one might argue that the unique design choices that went into the Ruby…

Using state machine to write bug-free code
Using state machine to write bug-free code

The first time you heard of a state machine, what did you think it was? I thought it was a debugger. A debugger I could use to find those annoying bugs in my code. A state machine is not a debugger. However, when you master how to use a state machine, the code you write would be on the bug-free side.

What is a State Machine?

A state machine is an abstract concept that defines and plans the stages and transitions of an application. The application only transitions upon the occurrence of an event. …

The answers to every what, why, when, and how about Static Code Analysis in JavaScript

Do you suffer from poorly written code? Is your codebase riddled with inconsistencies? Do you experience anxiety every time your code is being reviewed? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, static code analysis could help.

Static code analysis is the process of analyzing code before it is executed. It provides numerous advantages to developers, and integrating static code analyzers can supercharge your developer workflow.

Let’s take a deep dive to understand what static code analysis is, why you should be using it when to start, and how you can quickly set it up in your project.

What is Static Code Analysis?


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